Allen EZ Aim - Load Development Target, 13.5", 25 Pack (15616)

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The EZ Aim® Load Development Paper Target is designed to record the results of custom loaded rifle cartridges or for comparison of different factory loads. Each target has a log located at the bottom of the target that allows the user to record the specifications of each group of the loaded cartridges. Provided in the pack are 25-targets, each measuring 13.5-inches wide x 13.5-inches high. Each target is designed with 12 individual targets on each target face, overlaid with a ¼-inch grid pattern for easy scope and sight adjustments.

Product Features

  • LOAD DEVELOPMENT TARGET: Designed to log information, recording the specifications of rifle cartridges or to compare different factory loads.
  • SIGHT-IN ADJUSTMENTS: Targets are made with a -inch overlaid grid pattern for easy scope & sight adjustments.
  • IMPROVE ACCURACY: Each target contains 12-aiming spots made for precision shooting to help improve the accuracy of your shots.
  • PAPER SHOOTING TARGET: Pack contains 25-paper shooting targets, each target measures 13.5-inches wide x 13.5-inches high.
  • EZ Aim TARGETS: Get creative with how you challenge yourself at the range & take your skillset to the next level.
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