Badlands Precision .338 265gr Solid Copper (ICBM-2 )

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Our bullets are unique in that they have the highest ballistic coefficient of any solid copper bullet in any given caliber weight class. The BCs are also on par with the highest BC lead core jacketed bullets.

The difference is that our bullets can be loaded just like any conventional bullet. No special drive band restricting the COAL or single shot restriction because the nose length is so long it will not fit in the magazine.

Since the bullets are pure copper they are nontoxic and legal everywhere, and the tip will not degrade in flight. Also we put a lot of effort into minimizing the bearing surface, a feature that reduces friction within the barrel and copper fouling.


Material: Solid Copper

Length: 1.957.

BC (G1): 0.910.

Twist: 1:9″

Quantity: 50 per box

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