Boker Plus Outdoorsman - 3.75" Black 12C27 Plain Edge, TPR Handle, Cordura Sheath (02BO004)

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Compact, but stout, and one hundred percent tuned for utility - this is how the Boker Plus Outdoorsman presents itself. The full tang and thick blade provide maximum durability, while the protruding pommel is shaped into a hammer surface. The directly overmolded CFC handle has a very large grip zone made from pleasantly feeling TPR, therefore providing secure and pleasant handling even in wet or cold conditions. The blade is made from 12C27 and features a titanium finish for better corrosion protection. The bore in the tang not only supports attaching a lanyard but also allows simple fastening to a stick to be used as a makeshift harpoon. A compact everyday companion for any outdoor situation or hunting. Shipped with Cordura sheath.
  • Fixed Blade
  • Boker Plus
  • 7.91 in
  • 3.66 in
  • 0.17 in
  • 5.15 oz
  • 12C27
  • FRP
  • Asia
  • Grey
  • Black
  • Nylon
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