Consignment Auto-Ordinance Carbine - 30 Carbine, Folding Stock

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Introducing the epitome of reliability and compact power: the Consignment Auto-Ordnance Carbine Rifle in .30 Carbine. Crafted with precision and built to endure, this iconic firearm combines classic design with modern functionality, making it a timeless choice for enthusiasts and collectors alike.

At its core lies the robust .30 Carbine caliber, renowned for its versatility and effectiveness in various shooting scenarios. Whether you're hitting the range, defending your homestead, or venturing into the wilderness, this rifle stands ready to deliver consistent performance with each pull of the trigger.

The convenience of the folding stock ensures effortless transport and storage, allowing you to adapt to any situation on the fly. Its compact design doesn't compromise on stability or accuracy, giving you the confidence to take aim with precision wherever you roam.

But that's not all – this package comes fully equipped for action straight out of the box. Alongside the rifle, you'll find a durable sling for comfortable carry, three magazines for uninterrupted shooting sessions, and four boxes of .30 Carbine ammunition to keep you locked and loaded.

Whether you're a seasoned marksman seeking a reliable companion or a collector in pursuit of the finest firearms, the Consignment Auto-Ordnance Carbine Rifle is sure to exceed your expectations with its blend of heritage craftsmanship and modern ingenuity. Dominate the range, defend your turf, and make your mark with this legendary piece of American firepower.

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