Cross Pistol Magazine Set - .223/5.56, 10-Round

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Cross Ind. Pistol Magazine Set (AR-15 Compatible)

With 4 different ways to configure our CROSS MAG™, we’ve delivered every possible way for you to enjoy your 10+10 rounds. Magazines will be available in your choice of opaque and transparent.

Advanced coupling system:

  • No additional tools required to reconfigure.
  • Integrated angle makes it possible to have the 2 major configurations, curved and straight.
  • Bi-directional floorplates allow another 2 possible configurations.
  • Transparent, knowledge is power. Seeing what's inside gives you an advantage over any possible opponent. 

Unmatchable Materials

Designed to perform in the frigid north, our polymer is a new to market material that is specially formulated for cold weather impact resistance. Its unique properties allow virtually no change in mechanical properties from 73f/20c to -22f/-30c, whereas most polymer materials used for magazines have between .125-.25 the strength at -22f/-30c compared to room temperature. This gives us on average 3-8x better impact resistance than competitive materials at -22f/-30c. 

***Each set includes 2x 10-round pistol magazines and couplers***

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