Grim Workshop Survival Hook/Lure Fishing Kit Dog Tag Stainless Steel (GRITAG007)

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A complete micro sized fishing kit, all packed into one single dog tag sized holder. The Hook and Lure Fishing Kit Dog Tag comes with three small lures, that have removable fishing hooks inside them, these hooks have our custom in-house designed no tie hook attachment system on them, allowing for easy on, easy off no tie hook attachment to the metal lures. This dog tag also has small notches cut into it for wrapping fishing line around the outside of it for easy access, and easy storage. This means in a pinch, you've got hooks, lures, and line, all in one spot!

Made in the USA - this tool was designed, manufactured, and sourced in the USA.

Dog Tag Sized - under 1mm thick Sized to fit into a dog tag silencer, small tin, or

Tool retention system - one side features semi-permanent adhesion allowing tools to be
removed, and used again and again, then put back. Non-Magnetic and non-sticky.

Stainless Steel - highly corrosion resistant surgical grade stainless steel. Tough and
functional with a slight spring to it.

Stackable - Stack multiple Grim Dog Tag Tools together to form a wearable ultralight
EDC kit.

Items included- 1x grim dog tag tool, 3x no tie hooks, 3x lures, fishing line wrap, small chain, silencer

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