HQ Outfitters Elastic Nylon Buttstock Rifle Cartridge Holder

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The HQ Outfitters Rifle Cartridge Buttstock Holder is a classic shooting accessory.  Made from durable, heavy weight elastic, and fits snugly to the buttstock of your rifle.  Does not interfere with holding or aiming the rifle.  Holds 9 rifle cartridges reliably in place when you need them.  Installs in seconds on most rifles without slipping and is designed to withstand years of outdoor use.


  • Made from Durable, Heavy Weight Elastic Nylon
  • Fits Snugly to the Buttstock of Your Rifle
  • Installs in Seconds on Most Long Guns
  • Holds 9 Rifle Cartridges
  • Model:  HQ-EBS-RC
  • Color:  Black
  • Weight:  approx. 1.5 oz
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