Tapco Intrafuse SKS Stock System Black

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Transform your classic SKS from an antique rifle to a modern day tactical weapon. Tapco's Intrafuse Rifle System replaces all original stock components with a high strength composite material. Offering 6 adjustable positions, this stock will accommodate any size shooter. The Intrafuse Stock System includes an upgraded handguard with built-in Picatinny/Weaver rail. Also included in the kit is our popular SAW pistol grip featuring a more ergonomic angle and increased width for greater comfort and control. Inside the grip housing is a useful storage compartment. Works on all SKS models including the “D” model.

Length of pull from each stock position:
- 1. 10.75”
- 2. 11.5”
- 3. 12.5”
- 4. 13.25”
- 5. 14”
- 6. 14.75”

- Manufactured in the US by TAPCO
- Mounting Platform
- 6 Positions
- Storage Compartment
- 6 Positions
- Solid Locking
- Lifetime Guarantee

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