Lansky 6" x 2" Double-Sided Diamond Benchstone - Medium/Fine (DB-2860)

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In an effort to make sharpening at home even more versatile and simple, Lansky has decided to expand their popular line of Diamond Bench Stone Sharpeners to include the new Double-Sided Diamond Bench Stone Sharpeners.

The full 6"x 2" edge-to-edge diamond surfaces on the bench stones makes for quicker, more efficient sharpening.

The green, Medium side (280 grit) will quickly recondition your blades, while the blue Fine (600 grit) side will maintain and refine your edges. A perfect addition to any craftsman’s workshop, the diamond abrasives on the bench stones are excellent for repairing and maintaining a large range of tools from dull and damaged kitchen knives, to well maintained woodworking chisels.

Following Lansky’s commitment to functional design the diamond stones are housed in a high impact plastic case with rubberized no-slip base that raises the stone for maximum safety and efficiency. Additionally, screw receivers have been built into the base for optional bench mounting. 

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