Magpul MAG234-BLK-5 : PMAG® 30G MagLevel®, 5.56x45 Magazine - HK® G36 (Blocked to 5) - Black

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The PMAG 30G (5.56 NATO/.223 Remington) is a durable, lightweight, high reliability 30-round polymer magazine for the HK G36. The PMAG 30G features a four-way anti-tilt follower, constant-curve internal geometry, slim-line body for enhanced pouch compatibility, and MagLevel round indicator windows to easily identify loaded round count. PMAG 30G utilizes the same floor plate, lock plate, and Milspec black oxide coated stainless steel spring as the original PMAG 30 to ensure durability and performance in all environments. Blocked to 5 rounds.

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