Sierra Hunting Bullets

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Varminter: features precision accuracy and is best utilized at short to medium ranges for varmints and small game.

BlitzKing: They have outstanding accuracy, a flat trajectory and superb expansion in small animals even with the smaller-capacity cartridges.

Pro-Hunter: This bullet features double taper jacket construction for good penetration and dependable expansion.

GameKing: It is one of the most recommended bullets for varmints such as prairie dogs, groundhogs, coyotes, to medium game such as deer and antelope. 

GameChanger: hunting bullet: the perfect combination of Sierra’s legendary match accuracy coupled with deadly penetration. Sierra re-engineered their legendary MatchKing bullet into a hollow point design for quick expansion and fitted it with a transparent green tip for ballistic uniformity. Inside, the GameChanger features a unique construction that utlilizes a special lead alloy surrounded by a tough copper jacket that delivers excellent penetration and expansion at a variety of ranges.


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