SPUHR G36/SL-8 STANAG Magwell (R-8)

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Ambidextrous magwell for the HK G36/HK243 - including double-stack versions of the HK SL8 - allowing the use of readily available M4/M16 "GI" magazines. Includes an extended bolt catch and a compartment for spare batteries (2032 type). The R-8 will not work on single-stack HK SL8-1 or SL8-6, nor SL8-5 rifles, unless modifications are made to the host rifle and/or magwell.

Note: The R-8 includes a replacement bolt catch and bolt catch pin as the original bolt catch will not actuate on the follower of a GI magazine due to the different geometry and placement. Use of the R-8 will require the removal of the original magazine catch. Installation of the bolt catch will require complete disassembly of the trigger group in order to replace the factory bolt catch (see instructions in HK G36 and SL-8 armorer manuals,) and if you are not comfortable with doing this on your own we urge you to have an armorer/gunsmith do it for you.

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