Thrive Provisions Wagyu Beef Bar - Chorizo

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  • CANADA’S BEST WAGYU BEEF BAR - Thrive Provisions was built upon the fundamental belief that having an action-packed schedule doesn't have to mean compromising healthy food choices.
  • NOURISHING SNACK BARS - The rich and tender texture of Thrive's wagyu beef paired with locally sourced, whole food ingredients come together to create vibrant flavours of premium beef bars that will keep you energized throughout the day.
  • FOURTH GENERATION RANCHERS - As fourth-generation ranchers, Thrive has built its prestigious heritage ranching legacy on responsible, honest, and best-in-class farming practices. These unwavering standards have been their guide since 1940, positioning them as a Western Canadian pioneer in sustainable farming.
  • ALL DAY ENERGY - Thrive meat bars are a natural and nutritious alternative to other convenience food options. Whether summiting a mountain, running in between work meetings or heading out on a road trip, a Thrive Bar gives you the boost of energy your body craves. Eat and thrive.
  • MINIMALISTIC INGREDIENTS - We don’t like to complicate things, that’s why our ingredients are simple. Thrive meat bars are a natural, fully cooked and nutritious alternative to other convenience food options that are packed full of unpronounceable mysteries. Energize with pure food to reach your potential and maximize everyday living.
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