Maple Ridge Armoury V1 Match Stainless 223 Wylde Barrels 1:8 Twist

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Maple Ridge Armoury Match Series Barrels

Our Match Series barrels are precision CNC machined from 416R stainless steel and completely stress relieved. The rifling is button cut and air gauged to within 0.0005” for the entire length of the barrel and the bore must measure a concentricity to within 0.0005” of the barrel diameter. All Match Series barrels are lapped to 32 micro-inches in the direction of bullet travel to improve performance, reduce the break-in time, and to facilitate ease of cleaning.

All barrels have precision cut chambers, gas ports, and recessed 90-degree crown. We use an SPR profile to achieve an optimal balance between harmonic resistance, heat resistance, and weight savings. The unique deep cut fluting presents greater barrel surface area to facilitate improved air cooling while dramatically reducing weight without compromising the overall rigidity of the barrel.

The 1/8” twist rate will effectively stabilize projectiles between 55gr and 77gr and the 223 Wylde chamber will safely accept both 223 Remington and 5.56 NATO cartridges.

• 416R Stainless Steel - Satin Bead Blasted Finish

• 223 Wylde – 1/8” twist rate

• 90-degree recessed target crown

• Precision cut chamber and gas port

• Nickel Boron extension

• Fluting Styles: Straight, Spiral, Diamond

• 11.5" version Weight: 1lb 5oz

• 14.5" version Weight: 1lb 9oz

• 16.1" version Weight: 1lb 12oz

• 18.6" version Weight: 1lb 15oz

*Made in Canada*

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