Disclaimer/Warning: Firearms and all related products and information (including but not limited to firearms, firearm parts and accessories, factory/reloaded ammunition, reloading equipment and components) are potentially dangerous and can cause great harm, property damage, personal injury, and death.

It is the complete responsibility and legal obligation of the consumer to:

  • Be properly trained and licensed in the use of firearms and firearms safety.
  • Be aware of and follow all municipal, county, provincial, and federal laws.
  • Correctly handle, load, unload, use, transport, display, maintain, and store your firearms, ammunition, and reloading equipment in a safe manner and in accordance with all applicable laws and statutes.

Always refer to factory firearms manuals, instructions, and precautions, refer to official reloading manuals when reloading, take a firearms class by a certified instructor, and be aware of all applicable laws. Use your common sense. You are completely responsible for your own actions. Be an honest and law-abiding citizen and be safe.