Allen Ez Aim Fun Series - Plinking the Day Away, 12"x12", Multi (15638)

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The EZ Aim® Fun Plinking the Day Away Targets is part of the EZ Aim® Fun series, designed to make your shooting experience more fun. Made with an abundance of color and designs, these targets naturally bring a smile to target practice. Not only do they grade high in performance, but they grade higher in fun! The EZ Aim® Fun, Plinking the Day Away Target Assortment provides the shooter with 3 different types of shooting targets, all with fun in mind. Utilizing vibrant colors, these targets are designed to improve accuracy. Pack includes Shooting Darts Targets (4), Hot Nine Targets (4), and Feelin’ Lucky Targets (4). The Shooting Darts target allows the shooter to engage in a game using a dart scoring system. Hot Nine target gives the shooter nine individual targets and is great for an extensive shooting session, or to test out new cartridges and loads. Feelin’ Lucky target provides 10 targets on each sheet to be shot by one or more shooter, used as either a shooting competition or to hone in on your skillset. Provided in the pack are a total of 12-shooting targets (4-targets per style), each measuring 12-inches wide x 12-inches high.

Product Features

  • FUN SHOOTING TARGET ASSORTMENT: Pack includes 3 different styles of targets, designed to make your shooting experience more fun pack includes Shooting Darts Targets (4), Hot Nine Targets (4), & Feelin Lucky Targets (4).
  • COMPATIBILITY: Can be used with a wide range of weapons including pistols, handguns, shotguns, airsoft guns, BB guns, and pellet guns.
  • INDOOR / OUTDOOR USE: Great for competition, shooting games, and casual shooting practice; mount on a wall or use as a free-standing hanging bracket.
  • SHOOTING DARTS TARGETS: Uses a dart scoring system, replacing your darts with a firearm.
  • HOT NINE TARGETS: Designed with nine individual targets on each sheet with a 1/4-inch grid overlay to help with sight and scope adjustments.
  • FEELIN LUCKY TARGETS: 10-targets are provided on each sheet & can be used as a shooting competition.
  • PAPER SHOOTING TARGET: Paper shooting targets measure 12-inches wide x 12-inches high Pack includes 12-shooting targets per pack (4-targets per style).
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