Allen Girls With Guns - Adhesive Splash, Sight In Target, 12"Wx12"H, 5-Pack (15280)

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No matter how you choose to shoot, Girls With Guns® has something for you. From outerwear designed to survive any element, range gear that is comfortable, both on and off the range, and logo apparel for all occasions, our cases and shooting accessories are designed by women, for women. Created for any adventure that comes your way, live life to the fullest and inspire those out in the field and on the range. Shooting targets feature high contrast colors and bright inks for easier visibility down range, providing you the tools needed to sharpen your skills. Splash Technology provides you with visual impact to help improve your accuracy, consistency, and confidence when you need it most.

Product Features

  • Shooting target measures 12-inches square & provides a sight-in grid layout
  • Splash Technology helps you see where your shots make impact
  • Made with bright inks & neon impact indicator for easy, high-visibility
  • Adhesive back can be applied to most target materials, such as cardboard, plywood, & steel
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