Boker - 1969 Z28 Damast, 3.15" Blade, Aluminum Handle (111101DAM)

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Legends are not born; they are shaped by time until their moment to shape time has come. They don't live a myth, they create it and leave behind a venerable legacy. In 1966, the foundation stone for another icon was laid in Detroit, Michigan. In the epicenter of the US automotive industry, numerous vehicles see the light of day. Many of them are ordinary cars, while others are exclusively chosen. The Chevrolet Camaro was originally designed as a so-called Pony Car, which was intended to appeal primarily to younger buyer groups. Compact, sporty and affordable - the coupé was the stalwart for the semi-strong. Success was not long in coming. From 1966 to 1969, approximately 700,000 Camaro models with 12 different engine variants rolled off the production line. In 1969, the last Camaro of the first generation, the Z28, was introduced. Connoisseurs consider this model to be one of the best of all series. A massive V8 small block engine with 216 kW (290 hp) and a Special Performance Package propelled the Camaro Z28 into the select league of muscle cars, sporty stripes on the body included. The motorsport DNA of the now coveted collector's item cannot be denied either. The engine used is a toned-down version of the successful and highly decorated Penske Camaro from the SCAA Trans AM racing series.

Boker quotes the design of the Camaro Z28 and revives the legend. The result is more than just a knife. An attitude to life, the dignified road trip with the bubbling sound of the V8 engine on the seemingly endless highway, gentle rays of sunlight streaking across the canyon and warming the soul. Unforgettable moments without everyday life - just like the extraordinary Boker 1969 Z28-Damascus. In collaboration with the Italian designer Tommaso Rumici, a unique "muscle knife" was created that combines the distinctive character traits of the Camaro Z28 in form and strength. The elegant Damascus drop-point blade, hand-forged by Chad Nichols with 80 layers in the “Tread” pattern, reminisces of the sloping cowl induction bonnet of the muscle car. For this purpose, parts of the upper A-arm from the Camaro were used for the blade, that opens smoothly with the blue thumb stud, while the biting stainless steel linerlock reliably locks the knife in place. Based on a colour analysis of an original model, the finely tuned lacquer finish in "Le Mans Blue" was created especially for Boker for the aluminum handle, which interprets the lines of the body in a nostalgic way and comes up with exciting details. The notchback, the small rear spoiler and the gill-like air intakes on the rear wings have been beautifully integrated into the knife. The blade axle screw is lovingly inspired by the rims often used on muscle cars, whereas the straight-lined stainless steel clip, milled from the solid, is reminiscent of the chrome-plated door handles. Delivery includes a high-quality floating display, plenty of torque and a gentle breeze in your hair. Handmade in the Boker Manufactory in Solingen.

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