Breakthrough Clean Lens Wipes - Multipurpose, Singles (BT-LW-200)

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Our Breakthrough Clean TechnologiesĀ® Pre-Moistened Wipe ensures effective and fast cleaning by gently removing fingerprints, dust, oil, and smudges, without leaving streaks or residue on surfaces. These ammonia-free cleaning wipes can be used on optical lenses, computers, tablets, phones, and camera lenses. They are also ideal for glass and other surfaces such as keyboards.


  • SUNGLASS CLEANER: Our high-quality solution cleans polycarbonate, plastic & glass lenses, safety goggles, optics, & helmets. It provides a superior, streak-free finish & long-lasting prevention against the elements.
  • CAMERA LENS CLEANER: This anti-static, alcohol-free formula is safe & effective for all types of lens coatings. It helps keep your lenses clean & clear with no smearing & is a great addition to your lens cleaning kit.
  • SCREEN CLEANER WIPES: Clean the grime, dried sweat, & dirt off of your iPad, iPhone, scopes, & binoculars with our travel-friendly solution. Throw it in your backpack, purse, range bag, or desk drawer for quick access when you need clarity.
  • CLEANING WIPES FOR EYEGLASSES: Ensure your glasses stay clean when participating in sports, winter weather activities, or a gun range session. A little goes a long way with our 200 count package, & it won't scratch your lenses or leave any residue.
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