Byrna Technologies - 12 Gram CO2 Cartridges, 10 Count (HD68800)

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Our box of ten 12g CO2 cartridges is custom fit for the Byrna SD and HD Launchers. Now including 1 CO2 cartridge with oil for simple maintenance every 10 CO2 cartridges used. Each cartridge (new) will be good for 25-30 rounds (5 mags in a 5-round magazine) at full speed. Punctured cartridges within the Byrna SD/HD will leak over time.


It is recommended to swap out punctured CO2 cartridges and leave an un-punctured cartridge inside the Byrna HD to avoid any compressed air loss. The Byrna HD will puncture and fire the first round at the same time.

NOTE: The 12 Gram CO2 Cartridges can only be used with the Byrna HD / SD with a 12-gram Boost adaptor.

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