FH Munition - 9mm, 124gr, FCP RN, Box of 50 (FH9124)

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Whether you are a recreational shooter or training for competition, having consistent and reliable ammunition will significantly help you to achieve your goal!

This new production ammo from FH Munition Inc, utilizes new top quality Swiss brass casings and is built to precise dimensions. This results in extremely consistent velocity, providing better accuracy and reliability in all firearms. Try it and see the difference! With the help of state-of-the-art equipment and a strict control inspection/testing process, we ensure the ammunition produced to a tight tolerance to achieve the best consistency.

Manufactured in Calgary, Alberta, in small batches.


Calibre: 9mm

Weight: 124gr

Projectile: FCP RN

Velocity: 1,050FPS @ 4.25" Barrel and 1,100FPS @ 5.00" Barrel 

Quantity: 50 Round Box

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