G96 Crud Buster - Polymer Safe 13oz (368g) (1202)

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Cleans and degreases firearm actions without disassembly. Leaves no residue.

The high pressure cleaning solvent contained in this product effectively cleans all moving metal parts, triggers, ejectors, and extractors on firearms. The extension tube which inserts into the valve head produces a high pressure spray that allows the solvent to penetrate and remove soluble as well as insoluble particles from the firearm. It is excellent for use on rifles, shotguns, and pistols.


DIRECTIONS: For proper spraying, Crud Buster should be at room temperature. For pinpoint application or to get into hard-to-reach areas, firmly insert extension tube into hole in spray button. Hold can upright while spraying. Remove as many parts from the gun action as possible to enable solvent to reach hard to get to spots. Hold into barrel and other areas and spray liberally. After all parts have been cleaned, wipe dry with a clean cloth and apply a protective coating of G96 Gun Treatment, G96 Gun Oil, or G96 Synthetic CLP Gun Oil.

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