G96 Nitro Solvent Aerosol Can 6oz

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Nitro Solvent is specially designed for the serious skeet and trap shooter. It neutralizes the corrosive acid residue built up from the plastic shot shells.


  • Heavy duty solvents quickly remove leading, powder residue and metal fouling for a sparkling clean bore.
  • Spray can ends loss of effectiveness due to evaporation of solvents and ends contamination due to dirty particles.
  • Maybe harmful around painted metal, plastic, synthetic stocks or varnished stocks.
  • It is recommended that the firearm be re-treated with G96 Gun Treatment, G96 Gun Oil or G96 Synthetic CLP Gun Oil after use.
  • 170.1g / 6 oz. Aerosol Can


  • Spray onto patch.
  • Push slowly through bore from breech end and out through muzzle.
  • Swap with another saturated patch working both ways.
  • Then push through a dry patch – rub well.
  • Change patches until patch comes out perfectly clean.
  • Always wipe out bore before firing.
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