G96 Synthetic Liquid Gun Grease

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G96 Synthetic Liquid Gun Grease is a revolutionary Military Grade formula designed with Nanotechnology to meet the most demanding needs for small and large caliber weapons. The revolutionary synthetic formula is non-flammable and environmentally safe – over 85% biodegradable.

Available in 2 fl. oz. bottle with twist cap.


  • Superior performance in all climates under all weather conditions on all types of firearms.
  • Reduces friction and wear and extends the life of all firearms. 
  • Reduces carbon residue, galvanic corrosion and build-up of metallic and powder residues. 
  • Safe for use on polymers. 


DIRECTIONS FOR USE: When gently wiped down, a thin film of liquid gun grease stays where it is placed. Use on all sliding surfaces, rails, trigger mechanisms, cam pins and any other areas that require a light grease.

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