Lightfield Double Ball Slugs - 20GA, 2-3/4", Box of 5 (CWDB-20)

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Lightfield has developed a full line of less lethal ammunition for Wildlife Control Professionals. The aversive conditioning of large, heavy muscled animals is a growing trend with specific range demands. The new Lightfield line includes patent pending designs with velocity and kinetic energies calibrated for range specific applications. The new line is intended exclusively for wildlife control and provides effective and affordable solutions for close, mid-range and extended range targets.

Lightfield believes ammunition that is safe and effective at close range on humans may be underpowered for large animals at greater ranges. Likewise, loads that are effective at extended ranges may be too powerful for humans at close range. In response to that situation, Lightfield has calibrated its wildlife control line into the following basic classes: Close range 8-25 yards, Mid-range 15-40 yards and Extended range 30+ yard.

This load is an improvement on traditional rubber buckshot. This load has two  projectiles rather than many smaller ones. The two larger balls carry kinetic energy farther than small ones and are more effective at greater distances. The bore sized projectiles also enhance accuracy at greater distance. The two balls divide the total energy across two impact points, creating a strong pain stimulus without penetration.


  • Gauge: 20 Gauge
  • Length: 2-3/4"
  • Shot Type: 2x PVC Balls 
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