Savage 42 Compact Takedown - 410 GA/22 LR, 20" (22434)

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Savage Arms 42 Takedown Compact Break Action Over/Under is an innovative long gun that allows you to shoot both .22 Long Rifle and the .410 Caliber Shotgun Shell from the same firearm. This is an excellent platform for small game hunting and recreational shooting. It's a perfect firearm for youth or small framed individuals to learn the basics of responsible firearm handling, marksmanship, and hunting skills. Whether your passion is chasing upland birds or hunting rabbits, the lighter recoil of a .22 or .410 is easy for youth and smaller framed individuals to manage. Fast handling, lightweight and superbly balanced, this break-action over and under is truly a multipurpose gun. The 42 Takedown Compact is an affordable option that gives you the ability to switch between two calibers as your needs dictate. Its takedown feature makes it an excellent camping, or hiking gun for predators or safety and it may be the perfect gun for your bug out bag. If you need a versatile family firearm or a new addition to your BOB, the Savage 42 Takedown Compact may be the perfect long gun for your needs.


  • .22 Long Rifle and .410 Bore
  • 20" Carbon Steel Barrels
  • 3" Chamber (.410 Chamber)
  • 1:16" Right Hand Twist (.22 LR Barrel)
  • 2 Rounds
  • Rimfire Round from Top Barrel
  • Shotgun Shell from Bottom Barrel
  • Ambidextrous Design
  • Simple One Button Break Down
  • Short Length of Pull Compact Youth Stock
  • Durable Synthetic Stock
  • Adjustable Sights (Can be removed to install scope base)
  • Length of Pull 12.5"
  • Overall Length 34.75"
  • Overall Weight 4.655 Pounds
  • Satin Black Barrel/Receiver Finish
  • Matte Black Stock Finish
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