Nosler Varmint Bullets - 22 Cal, 55gr, .224", Ballistic Tip, Box of 100 (39526)

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If you are tired of searching for a quality projectile to match your love of varmint hunting then rejoice, because your long search is over. Introducing Nosler's Ballistic tip, lead core, varmint bullet! This projectile has 4 main features, first a unique color coded polymer tip, to quickly identify caliber and protects the hollow cavity from clogging. Secondly, the ultra thin jacket mouth is designed to fragment completely upon impact. Next the varmint jacket wall is designed to get that lead core rapidly expand on target, and finally the boat tail base will allow you to push the projectile out to extreme long ranges accurately. It's clear to see why more people choose Nosler Ballistic Tip Varmint to meet their needs.

Specifications and Features:

Bullet: Ballistic Tip Varmint
Caliber: .22
Diameter: .224"
Grain: 50gr Spitzer Orange Tip
Base: Boat Tail
Sectional Density: 0.142
Ballistic Co-efficient: 0.238
Overall Length: 0.800"
Recommended Use: Varmints
Minimum FPS: 1600
Maximum FPS: Unlimited

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