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| LR 10-04-2020 01:33

What an exciting year 2020 has been for Riton. This is one of the new scopes from their new for 2020 Conquer line, and I must say it is one hell of a bang for your buck. If you look at what you are getting for the price, it is pretty much unheard of. Japanese fully multi-coated HD glass, 34mm tube, extremely positive turrets with zero stops, illuminated reticle, removable integrated throw lever, quality flip-up lens caps and arguable the best warranty in the business! What's not to love?!

It's easy to look at a spec sheet though, so how does it perform in the real world? I have had the pleasure to shoot many different optics from many of the top companies. I think a great comparison that many people might be looking at right now is the Vortex PST Gen II. Many people are familiar with this scope, so it makes it slightly easier to quantify the comparison. The Riton Conquer X5 is a better scope for the money. While there is nothing wrong with the PST Gen II, it does have its shortfalls that normally only spending more money would remedy. Fortunately, the X5 is a couple of dollars cheaper and outperforms the PST. Firstly, the X5 has a 34mm tube vs a 30mm tube on the PST. While some might think this is minor, it does ultimately give you more elevation adjustment. If you are using the scope for it's intended purpose, then you know why this is a big deal. Personally it gives me 1.3 extra mills of elevation adjustment at max compared to the PST before I have to start holding over with the reticle. The reticles are very comparable, but the X5 gives you 12 mils of elevation hold over below the horizontal stadia compared to the PST's 10. Once again, a big difference at range. The glass itself is arguably the biggest factor in a scope purchasing choice. While I do like the PST's clarity, I think the X5 is better and performs well in low light and crummy weather conditions. Everyone I have ever shown my X5 to comments on the clarity of the glass and the light transmission.

Everyone used to get all excited about the Vortex warranty, which is great, but the Riton warranty is even better. If you ever need to use it, there aren't any questions asked; they don't try to fix it, they just send you a new one, and within 48 hours! How can you beat that peace of mind?

Great scope from a great Veteran owned company.

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