Tru Flare 15mm Signal Whistle (15MMCF)

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Similar to the Tru Flare Bear Banger this Whistle Cartridge is used for scaring bears, cougars and other animals from a distance.

Also known as screamers and for a good reason. When fired this cartridge travels 46m (150ft) producing a loud, high-pitched screeching sound that is very alarming to animals. A great compliment to the Tru Flare Bear Banger is to ensure that you have multiple types of noise deterrents to keep animals at a safe distance.


  • 15mm center fire cartridge works with Tru Flare Launchers
  • Travels approx 46m (150ft)
  • Water-resistant
  • Cartridge weight: 12g (0.4oz)
  • Cartridge size: Length - 5.7cm (2.2") Diameter - 1.8cm (0.71")
  • Packaged in 6 per box
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