Tundra Supply Butane Lighter, Black - Refillable With Green Jet Flame (TUNLIGHTER-BLK)

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Experience the mesmerizing blend of functionality and style with our Tundra Lighter. With its distinctive green jet flame, you're not just lighting up; you're making a statement. Here's what makes it stand out:

  • Refillable & Sustainable: No need to discard after use. Our Tundra Lighters are designed to be refilled multiple times with butane, ensuring extended use and reduced waste.

  • Adjustable Flame Control: Personalize your lighting experience. With an easy-to-use flame regulator, you can adjust the flame's intensity to suit your needs, ensuring a perfect light every time.

  • Compact & Sleek Design: Elegance meets convenience. Its sleek black design looks sophisticated and compact enough to fit snugly in your pocket without feeling bulky.

  • Note: The Tundra Lighters are sold without butane gas for safety and shipping reasons. Please ensure you fill it with quality butane before use.

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