UZI Tactical Pen

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UZI TAC PEN 1 Defender Aircraft Aluminum Tactical Pen with Crown:

The UZI Tactical Defender Pen 1 with Crown comes in black anodised aluminum body with defensive crown - DNA Catcher. The retractable pen tip simply twists to open and close. Writes great and its pen ink cartridge can be replaced. Comes with a pocket clip for easy carry. The UZI Tactical Defender Pen 1 is a great self-defense tool for everyday carry.


UZI TAC PEN 2 Defender Aircraft Aluminum Tactical Pen with Glass Breaker:

TheUZI Tactical Defender Pen 2 is made of aircraft grade aluminum and features an ultra durable carbide tip glass breaker for emergency situations. If you're trapped or if you need to get someone out of a vehicle, use the end of the pen as a glass breaker to easily escape.

The pen can also be used to write with and is compatible with standard pen refills. Use the pocket clip to keep the tactical pen by your side at all times. Tried and tested, UZI Tactical Pens are both stylish and able to withstand any conditions.

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