Warne 30mm, Rimfire High Matte Rings (732M)

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Over Built for the task! The Warne Rimfire rings were created to fits both the 3/8th inch and 11mm dovetails found on many common rimfire rifles. Featuring a unique 70/30 horizontal split design, these steel rimfire rings are the best available.

Rimfire rings from Warne Scope Mounts give you more than enough strength for the job.

We've earned a reputation for making quality scope rings in the U.S. using premium materials, and these 732M 30mm high matte rings are a good example of that quality. Featuring a unique 70-30 horizontal split design for superior grip and steel construction for strength, these rimfire scope rings fit both the 3/8" and 11mm dovetails that are usually found on rimfire rifles. 


Fits Objective Size: 52mm
Height: High
Dimension A: 30mm
Dimension B: 0.525 inch
Dimension C: 0.502 inch
Finish Color: Matte Black
Weight: 4.1 oz
Material: Steel
Fits Objective Up To: 52mm
Scope Tube Diameter: 30mm
Fits: Rimfire
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